Foto: Andrea Salzmann


„Could you explain, what you danced there?“ (a Journalist)
„If I could explain that, I wouldn’t be dancing it.“ (Maja Plissezkaja, former dancer of the Bolschoi-Ballett)

The project SPITZE was based on the strict codes of classical dance and was situated on the wide ballet stage. Contrary to that, Glanz is looking for the perhaps smallest and most intimate dancing stage – the private room within one’s own four walls.
This project focuses on the desire to dance and how pleasure gets a form: Which types of longing and desire evolve when you create your own dancing stage in your living room?
Movements developing a special glamour in the unwatched private space get shifted to the stage. They get moved into a different light and focus by utilizing the various possibilities of the performing stage. People of different age, with different biographies are the center-point of attention. Glanz detects their immanent motion patterns, particularities and needs and showcases them between the two poles of intimacy and publicity.
"It is not our aim to borderlessly unveil the private sphere. Rather we focus on magnifying the motivations to dance. Then we translate this intimacy to the stage. Based on the intimacy in dance I want to search for a physicalness that cannot be associated with everyday-life." (Doris Uhlich)

Involved Peopel
Choreography: Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy: Andrea Salzmann
From and with:Walter Czipke, Andreas Gölles, Elfie Sus, Werner Vockenhuber
Music: Martin Kratochwil
Costume: Peter Holzinger
Assistance: Wiebke Hebestedt

A corpoduction of Doris Uhlich, brut / Wien, Les Subsistance / Lyon.
With the kind support of the culture department of the city of Vienna, bm:ukk

Doris Uhlich