37 years too late - The Radioshow

Audio piece by Julia Kläring & Andrea Salzmann.
Music by Stefan Geissler.
With: Paola Picaso and Mélisande Rouger.

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Based on a photograph that stands for a performance by late artist Gina Pane, we try to grasp her motivation to painfully open her body in her actions. Both the document and ‘hearing from pain’, thus the transfer of Pane’s performances into language, evoke doubt. This doubt becomes our initial source.

An audio documentary evolves from words by Gina Pane herself, by the photographer Françoise Masson and from descriptions of her work from a today’s point of view. Gina Pane’s ghost, her memory, is the interviewee of a radio show – between fictitious biography and historical quotes – fragmented, questionable, surprising. The artistic act becomes medium to negotiate the production of knowledge, history and its inscription into the body – as the body itself is the artistic material.

Published at:
International Festival of Radio Art, Lisbon
RadiaLX 2010

FormContent, London
HaVE A LoOk! HAve a Look!

das weisse Haus, Vienna
die weisse ab–haus–verkaufs–kunstschau #4

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Statements are quoted from and stimulated by interviews Gina Pane gave between 1971-1983 and from Maude-Roxby, Alice and Masson, Françoise: On record: advertising, architecture and the actions of Gina Pane, Artwords Press, London, 2004.