Andrea Salzmann

Statistic Rope

Performative Installation
Asylum applications from Italy and Austria as well as positive and negative asylum decisions are the statistical basis of this installation. Beginning in 1982, the figures published and released by the state authorities are summarised into a circle every four years. 1 millimetre corresponds to 240 applicants. She translates these numbers into a walk-in installation made of mirror circles in which the visitors see themselves but also the others.
The Abstract Size of Numbers opposes the fragmented and doubled self. The rope forms the time axis along which the mirror circles are arranged. For the composition, Sebastian Meyer uses the numbers from a four-year cycle and translates them into oscillating sinusoidal curves from which a body of sound emerges. The tone height results from the numbers used. The number of those who died in their attempt to reach Europe and how many people were imprisoned under unworthy conditions in camps on the external borders of the EU cannot be seen. The universality of human rights is deliberately ignored in migration issues.
Solutions, which do not aim at the management of refugee flows but at the elimination of the global rich/poor gap, are not given attention. Instead, payments to Frontex, the EU‘s border guard, will be increased: from 2021-27, the previous 13 billion euros will be increased to 33 billion.

Installation, Konzept: Andrea Salzmann
Sound, Komposition: Sebastian Meyer

exhibited at:
Südtiroler Künstlerbund