Foto: Andrea Salzmann

Structure #1

An organigram made out of mirrors shows the structure of an artists association founded in 1910, Vienna: the VBKÖ (The Austrian Association of Women Artists). This institution is the starting point to adresse other made up strucutres and institutions - not only art institutions. To bring up the emanzipatory chance to intervene, recreate or maybe even reconsider the whole strucutre it self.
The object hanging on the wall is made in the average size of an Austrian 1,78 meter, so everyone should be able to look into every mirror – no matter if the mirror symbolizes the presidents or an ordinary member. But while you look at yourself you will be fragmented into pieces. And all of a sudden light comes and music is playing. The mirrors seem to move, the construction starts to change and even goes beyond the framing, it is no longer the question what organization is visualized here but much more how can we deal within given structures, institutions – they might not be as static as they seem. A break within the frame might be possible. The rhythmic sound combined with a voice finally invites you to join the unknown and to go beyond the scope.

Idea, Concept: Andrea Salzmann
Music: Sebastian Meyer
Lyrics: Andrea Salzmann
Projection: Andrea Salzmann, Sebastian Meyer

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Text von Carola Platzek zur Ausstellung "Facing Friendship. Meet at work"
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