Andrea Salzmann.


Performative Installation

Music by Sebastian Meyer
Animation by Barbara Mitterer (Studio Citron)

Two organograms made out or mirrors that are connected with neon pink lines are facing each other. In SUPERPOWERS the political structures of China and the United States of America are translated into objects of the size 1,80 x 1,80.
When you enter the installation room ray of lights are choreographed to a fairy tale like manifesto that is embedded into a sound scale composed by Sebastian Meyer. The duration of the loop is about five minutes in-between the sound is inviting you to listen close and look at the mirrors.
"The fact that she juxtaposes two organograms of different political power hierarchies in a spatial installation and alternately casts rays of light on the mirrors creates a political interspace that is additionally structured by a musical and textual narrative. In this interspace, a concept of politics relaxes that reflects the hierarchical orders and connects the political moment with the structures themselves - thus illuminating their contingent and optional core. When visitors* enter this space, they inevitably intervene by interrupting the rays of light and performing an image that does not fit into the institutionalized order. This incongruence between the concept of politics and the institutionalized representation of politics opens up a glimpse of the void that has always preceded politics, challenging and producing it insatiably."
Andreas Spiegl

Documentation Video


Texts: If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't it aint.
Andreas Spiegel zur Ausstellung
Carola Platzek zur Ausstellung

Shown at VBKÖ If it was so, it might be; if it were so, it could be; but as it isn't it aint.
16.1. - 8.2.2019

Common show of Sophie Dvorak and Andrea Salzmann